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Healthy and simple: Salad “Union of Contrast”

Here I'm going to share with you my recent finding - recipe of the healthy, ballanced and tasty dish. Meet the salad "Union of contrast" made from red beet and avocado. The recipe is extremely simple so I'm going to spice it up with some details on history and healthy qulities of these products.
  Olga Sydorenko   “Union of contrast”  
Let's begin with history. Red beet History...

Mikhail Baranov. Edible agrestic plants

It is known that agrestic plants have more vitality than tame ones, as they have to fight for their life. Their vitality manifests in their healing properties. Many of them are edible, and some grow right under your feet. There is no need for far away quests, as you can find them on any meadow and in any garden, where they dwell as weeds. Among others, these plants are common nettles and plantain...

Mikhail Baranov. "Veg Yogic Pancakes"

  Veg yogic pancakes Mikhail Baranov, from the upcoming book «Yogic diet in moderate climate»
Pancakes and spices.
Delicious and nutritious pancakes are what we have known since childhood. But for a...

Mikhail Baranov: Yogic diet in moderate climate

  Yogic diet in moderate climate   Mikhail Baranov
The aim of hatha yoga as one of the stages on the way to the apogees of raja-yoga is conquering the universal vital energy, Prana. Prana exists everywhere, manifesting itself in different forms and nature. Filling...