Dr. Maxim Yasochka

Founder, Director, Co-editor

Boston, MA
I took up karate when I was 13. My trainer, who was also my teacher of programming, also made us draw and write poems. Searching for stretching methods I bought some books on yoga. I got acquainted with ISCON memebers and spent about a year chanting Hare Krishna with them, and waging a home campaign for vegetarian rights.
A bit later I made friends with local yogis and gave up karate to start doing kung fu. I also started visiting seminars. After some time these local yogis became the foundation of Chernigov Yoga School.
I finished school and entered a university, trying to attend my art school at the same time, mostly painting portraits.
In 1994 was the first time I happened to visit to a seminar of Andrey Sidersky. It is difficult to say, whether it turned my world upside down or put it straight. I prefer the latter. Consequently, this push caused the creation of Chernigov Yoga School, founded and developed by such domestic heavy-hitters of yoga as Sergey Sidortsov, Alex Taishev and Tolik Zenchenko.
Since 1997, still being a student, I taught yoga and wrote books on it. Together with Sergey Sidortsov and Tolik Zenchenko, we produced our first-born, “Yoga of Eight Circles - Set Training”. Two years later we wrote a book “Integral training”, this time together with Sergey. The first book has been republished several times and the latest issue I know about was in 2013.
In 1998 I graduated from my university, a Chernigov branch of Kiev Polytechnic Institute, as an IT business administration specialist. After a year I fully switched to IT and moved to Kiev. Teaching yoga ceased to be my source of income. For six years I worked as technical director of a software company dealing with large Russian and Western corporations.
In February 2005 when I went to India for some reason, I occasionally - as always in such cases – found a Master, Shailendra Sharma. At once I got diksha (consecration) to the ancient and mystical techniques of kriya yoga that go from teachers to disciples in the tradition of Lahiri Mahasai. At the same time I got a name, Mohit, and very deep impressions conversing with the great mahatma Maharaj Dev Das, a disciple of St. Devraha Baba. I attended his seminars and received mystical knowledge. 
At the moment I’m working for a software company that produces a big and complicated product for managing telecommunication networks and business. I love my job for challenging tasks and bright workmates. As of moment I settled down in Boston however I travel a due to the nature of my business. 
I regularly visit India and my Guruji a couple of times per year. I still practice yoga, paint, write articles on yoga, and sometimes poems. I often carry a big bamboo flute sakuhachi, with me. Its low sounds bring me the sense of unity with nature.
To keep my mind fit, I learn languages. Apart from English, I also speak a bit of French and Hindi. I have been learning Sanskrit recently, but not very consistently. With equal level of inconsistency I do photography - I’m too lazy to carry all the devices. Mostly portraits and genre photos come up.
In 2013 I graduated NTUU "KPI" and obtained PhD degree in computer science. In connection to this I write and publish articles in computer science regularly, participate in conferences and give lectures.
In addition to my main practice, kriya-yoga, my spouse and I attend training courses of famous hatha yoga practitioners Angela and Victor Van Couten, Doug Svenson, Gabriella Giubilaro and others. In 2010 we founded a new bilingual online journal Wild Yogi together with Ilya Zhuravlev.
Webpage: yasochka.name